(a)What is social networking?

Social networking is about connecting and sharing content with others online. Mobile technologies such as the iphone have made it easier and more accessible. Users can update and check content on the move, 24/7.  It is interactive. It is viewed as a source of entertainment as well as a communication and research tool.

At the heart of social networking is respect and trust. We trust that others will respect our uploaded information and creations.

(b) List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes)

  • Skype to communicate with friends and family
  • Facebook account for several years but rarely use it
  • Class blogs and discussion boards
  • Wallwisher as a type of wiki to share information across classes on a research topic.
  • The school has a delicious account but it is not widely used.
  • Youtube and Teachertube for teaching purposes.
  • During ETL504, I created a wiki using wikispaces for a  group assignment.  

(c) Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506

Looking at INF506 Facebook introductions a common thread connects the majority of us. Although tech savvy, we have made a conscious decision to avoid social media sites due to concern over privacy issues. We don’t trust the technology to keep our details safe and why should we, when popular social media sites such as Facebook have been sued on more than one occasion.

I never thought about classifying mobile technologies like Fred Cavassa’s visual representation of social media. I had never heard of most of the tools and services cited. I am excited about tweeting and joining Second Life. It has always intrigued me how people could spend time living a virtual life instead of experiencing real life.

I suppose this course is pushing me into what Kevin Kelly calls ‘pro-action’. It is only through using it can I make an informed decision. Many of our schools have banned access to social media sites. Hopefully, when I complete the course, I can be a true advocate of its place in a 21st century curriculum.



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